Autmotive Services

When we are talking about your car, we emphasize the need for a good locking system and sometimes, good is not good enough for your car!
You need the best locksmith services to come to your aid when you are faced with unanticipated mishaps with your auto-locking system.
These mishaps can ruin your day by if you do not have a reliable service provider.

Here at 'Tigers Lock & Key' we can retrieve broken keys from the locks, replace car keys, unlock cars and replace ignition switches.

We do it 24/7, so there is no wrong time to call for help since we are always open for business.

Lock-Out Services

Do you grow frantic when you realize you forgot your keys in the car?
Take a deep breath since we at 'Tigers Lock & Key' can get you out of such a nightmare. Our qualified locksmiths are mobile, and they bring their tools with them.

We make swift unlock services our priority so within no time, our experts will be at your location and you can be in your car and on your way.
We emphasize that you should not attempt to open the locked on your own as you may end up damaging your car!

Get A Replacement

Are you looking for a key replacement after you lost your car keys?
Or maybe they broke? We have all types of keys so whatever type of car you drive; we can find a replacement for your keys.

Most new cars use transponder car keys, and if you break or misplace it, your dealer tells you to go for a replacement from them. The problem is that their prices are inflated.

However, you can avoid all the additional effort and expenses by calling us at 'Tigers Lock & Key' to help you with security car key replacements. Unlike other auto dealers, our services are rationally priced.